Nestchill pasteurized fresh nest is a solution to help you send love to your loved ones.

Bird’s nest is one of the most valuable and nutritious foods from nature. Therefore, the demand for using bird’s nest to take care of the health of themselves and their family members is increasing. When you buy bird’s nest, there will be many product options: fresh oats, dried oats, raw oats, refined oats… In general, there will be fresh oats and dried oats. So what kind of product is fresh oats? With these concerns, V. Hai Yen’s Salanganes’Nest will give you the answer right away through the following article!

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What kind of bird’s nest is fresh bird’s nest?

After the bird’s nest is harvested, it will still stick to feathers and other impurities. Harvesters bring back to soak in water to expand, completely clean the feathers and impurities mixed in the nest and then drain the water completely. Thus, the finished product of fresh oats can be packaged and sold to consumers.

When using fresh oats, you will clearly feel the moisture and structure of each bird’s nest. In terms of smell, fresh oats have a very characteristic fishy smell. When stored in the refrigerator, the smell of oats will be drowned out, but when taken out, the fishy smell will return. You can rely on this feature to identify this type of bird’s nest is real or fake.

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The elasticity of fresh oats fibers is very good, touching, you will see a bit of mucus but not broken. For fresh oats that are past their expiration date, of poor quality, when touched, they will feel high viscosity, when trying to break the oats, they will find it friable and very easy to break.

In a word, fresh oats are nests that have been cleaned, fully soaked and can be processed immediately.

What’s special about Nestchill’s pasteurized fresh nest and how is it different from the market?

Nestchill’s pasteurized fresh nest has differences with other fresh oats on the market such as:

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Is a special line of pasteurized fresh oats on the market today
The product has been pasteurized at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, so when bought, people can use it immediately, combined with dishes such as salad, soup, soup, porridge …
Pasteurization technology helps to retain all the nutrients in the oats

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No synthetic colors, preservatives, algae and seaweed extracts are used
Convenient to use and save maximum processing time

There are loves that are difficult to put into words, and a meaningful gift will convey that sacred feeling on your behalf.

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