Today, bird’s nest is a food for many people, especially those who often need to nourish the body and strengthen a resistance.

The bird’s nest is formed from the saliva of the swiftlet bird – classified by our ancestors as one of the eight types of delicious sorghum. This is a food that contains many micronutrients, it also nourishes our body a lot. One more special thing is that bird’s nest also helps in taking care of women’s hair health.

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“The tooth, the hair is the corner of the person” – An old proverb emphasizes the importance of the tooth and hair, based on that to evaluate the beauty and character of a person, especially for women. get more attention. Exposure to dust, stress, life pressure, postpartum mothers hormonal changes, … countless harmful agents, witnessing their hair become thinner, dry, broken, causing the Women are losing their confidence.
Why can bird’s nests nourish hair to become less brittle and smooth?
Bird’s nest contains a large amount of Tyrosine – capable of promoting hair growth faster, smoother and thicker. For women who regularly use oats, in addition to supplementing with adequate nutrients for the body, everyone can also own a hair that many people desire.

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In addition to Tyrosine in oats, many experts have found that there is also Selenium – reducing breakage, strengthening smoothness and frizz in the hair.
Few people know that the bird’s nest contains a large amount of Tyrosine and Selenium, which play a great role in “retarding” the aging rate of the body, promoting hair growth faster, thicker and smoother.
To own a healthy, beautiful and smooth hair, how should we use bird’s nest?
With a thought of many people that the more you use it, the more effective it will be, but with bird’s nest, this is a wrong thought. Bird’s nest contains many nutrients, provides enough nutrients for the body and has great effects on skin and hair.
If you add a lot of oats, but in a short time, the effectiveness will not be high. Instead, you should regularly eat bird’s nest about 3 times / week, each meal is from 3-5g is perfect. In order for the nutrients inside to be absorbed in the best way, you should eat on an empty stomach (in the morning after waking up or at night before going to bed).
No need to spend a lot of time going to the salon to take care of your hair as often as before, using bird’s nest for beauty at home will help you own smooth, shiny, healthy hair from root to tip. that no other balm or balm can match. Quickly save this secret and apply immediately to be healthy inside, beautiful outside, always full of confidence!

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