On May 16, 2022, which is the milestone marking 12 years of the high-end brand of bird’s nest V.Hai Yen on the market, also at this event, V.Hai Yen launched the product line for the first time. first appeared in Vietnam.

Bird’s nest contains 31 kinds of trace elements necessary for the development of children and foster the health of the elderly. Women who want to have beautiful skin and keep their youth forever should eat oats because it contains many ingredients to help prevent skin aging, prevent wrinkles, fight acne, freckles, melasma and protect the skin. , makes the skin bright and full of vitality. According to oriental medicine, Salanganes’Nest has a sweet taste, so it has the effect of cleaning the lungs, increasing resistance to viruses, colds and flu and allergy symptoms.

V. Hai Yen Salanganes’Nest has launched a new product line to serve the needs of everyone’s tastes. The desire to bring Salanganes’Nest is present in the kitchen space and is an effective assistant of the housewife. Although, recently launched, Nest Chanko’s Nest Hot Pot has attracted a lot of customers when launched. Nest Chanko Salanganes’Nest Hotpot has a bar, characteristic aroma of Japanese Dashi shaved fish, umami sweetness from ingredients such as fish, seaweed (kombu). Combine with Salanganes’Nest to create a nutritious dish, keeping the full taste of Japanese cuisine.

Nest Chanko Salanganes’Nest Hotpot is the first hot pot product line with the addition of bird’s nest, this is the first time appearing on the Vietnamese market, with the desire to bring the nutrients in bird’s nest to reach customers in the future. variety of products.

In addition, Nest Chanko’s nest can also be combined with many different dishes such as: Oden, Japanese Udon noodles, Chawanmushi steamed eggs, Tempura sauce, Soba noodles… It’s very easy to use, just mix it with with water according to the ratio instructions on the package or according to taste to have a broth for Japanese hot pot and other dishes. When appearing in the kitchen room, cooking becomes easier than ever. Believe that, Nest Chanko will be a secret “weapon” of the sisters to help keep the fire in the family.

V. Hai Yen Salanganes’Nest is currently known as a brand with many years of experience in the market of supplying Salanganes’Nest, understanding that quality is always what can help build a brand in the most sustainable way.

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